About Museum Rails

From the desk of William Stender, President of 10-31 Inc. / Art Display Essentials:
For over 30 years, 10-31 and Art Display Essentials has designed, built or sourced the best display products for museum and collectible displays. Our main goal is well designed and crafted products to fit your display needs. The addition of MuseumRails is a perfect fit for 10-31. MuseumRails is a modular product used in hundreds of locations throughout the US and abroad. It fits the 10-31 family of companies because it is innovative and quality driven. Our goal is to improve and diversify the product line while improving order turnaround and shipment reliability. If you love MuseumRails now, don’t worry, we are here for the long haul and we hope you will enjoy working with 10-31! If you are new to MuseumRails, welcome! We are looking forward to working with you as you discover all of our beautifully crafted display products. Look for us at www.10-31.com.

From the desk of Michael Remorenko, President, MuseumRails LLC.:
MuseumRails was introduced at the AAM Conference in Philadelphia in 2009. I was immediately gratified by the response to the system, and it has been my pleasure to work with museums, institutions, and corporations across the country. When I decided that it was time to devote more of my energies to other pursuits, I looked for a buyer who could not only continue the product line, but who could also evolve and expand the system. I found that buyer in William Stender and his 10-31 family of companies. I am extremely pleased with the fit between MuseumRails and 10-31, and am enthusiastic about the improvements and product development plans that are already underway. I look forward to proudly watching the product grow and develop under the new ownership. I will remain with the company in a diminishing capacity throughout 2019 and look forward to seeing many of you at conferences over the next two years.