External Signage

Working with museums through the years on their interpretive programs, we have regularly been asked to provide exterior signage products. Originally totally custom solutions, we have evolved into offering a series of “standard” sizes, but have retained the ability to fabricate to custom sizes as well. We continue to offer the sign supports with a full perimeter frame, but have more and more been providing them with a frame-less support, with the finished edge of the phenolic graphic panels exposed. This is a more economical, and visually cleaner solution.

Our current offerings are powder coated aluminum/steel support fixtures, with phenolic graphic panels that come with a 10-year prorated warranty against delamination or significant fading. Based on the size of the signs and application, the supports are offered in both single and double-post styles. The supports are typically set in the ground 18”, with the center of the graphic panels at 30”. The graphic panels are set at a 30° viewing angle. Other base options, including a moveable flat base, are available to suit specific site requirements.